ADVANTAGE: etrak-Plus

With etrak-Plus, you don’t have to house and/or maintain a server, and there’s no complicated software to install. Our flagship product since 1980, etrak-Plus provides the ultimate in user convenience – with unlimited seat licenses included!

In addition, etrak-Plus is highly customizeable, module-free, and completely cost-effective. Your agency can Pick Your Payment with etrak-Plus, choosing between one annual, all-inclusive fee; amortized yearly fees divided over the total years of the contract, equal monthly installments over the life of the contract, or a pay-per-usage structure.


  • Online Payments
  • Reports
  • Live US Support
  • Recurring Billing
  • League Registration
  • League Management
  • League Scheduling
  • Tournament Scheduling
  • Waitlist Registration
  • Electronic Check in/out (Camp/School)
  • Membership Management (Pass/Annual)
  • Coupons/Promo
  • Res/Non-Res (Zip Code/Street Address)
  • Email/Text blasting
  • After School Registration
  • Sibling Discount
  • Point of Sale
  • Facility Reservation
  • Program Registration (Classes)
  • Ticket Sales (Ticket only)
  • Advanced Discounts for Registration
  • Class Instructor Payment
  • Advanced Ticket Sales (Pick a Seat)
  • Camp Ground Management
  • Dog Park Management
  • Rental Equpment (Golf Carts, Boats)
  • Priority Registration Process (res/non-res)
  • Membership Management (Gym)
  • Locker Reservations
  • GIS Residency Integration
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Financial Export ($2500)
  • Accrual Accounting



  • At least Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.7.3
  • Flash Player 11 or newer


Our etrak Products — etrak-Plus, etrak-Pro, and etrak-Play — provide budget-friendly, flexible pricing options paired with robust functionality for recreation departments, sports leagues, activity centers and more.

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We'd love to show how etrak Recreation Software empowers your agency to better serve your customers and community. Please contact us to set up a custom demonstration of our complete parks and recreation management software solution, and you'll see why etrak is the right choice for your department.