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Football Recreation Software

etrak knows you’d rather be in the stands cheering for your favorite football team than hearing muffled cheers sitting at a desk. Our integrated recreation management software for football speeds up the many administrative tasks it takes to put a team on the field every week. Game schedules, roster changes, and gathering registration forms — it’s all at your fingertips whether you’re in the office or on the sidelines. Fully cloud-based and accessible with an internet connection, etrak puts you back on the gridiron!


Whether you coach youth flag football or oversee a high school conference, there’s a lot of scheduling in football. etrak’s football league management software lets you view games, practices, film sessions, and volunteer assignments in one location. Intuitive to the core, etrak sends out notices when schedule changes are made, keeping everyone in the loop!

Facility Rentals

Three teams for one field? Not with etrak! Using a multi-calendar setup you and others see what football fields and facilities are available without digging through files or calling to verify a date. Applicable rental discounts are automatically processed based on membership or residency. etrak’s streamlined payment processing takes care of collecting and refunding deposits in one click.


Don’t worry about late registrations for the upcoming football season — etrak lets players and parents register on their schedule! Our football league registration software can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Tracking down missing fields are long gone with etrak — registrations can’t be submitted unless all fields are filled in!

Streamlined Payments

Football players and their parents want options when it comes to paying. A modern rec track software, etrak allows for credit and debit cards along with check payments, both online and offline. As payments come in, financial reporting updates to give you a clear-cut picture of revenues. Sales tax and late fees can be set up in etrak also.

Track Documents & Waivers

Unsure if a football player has returned their physical form? Give etrak a few seconds to let you know! An all-in-one recreation software, etrak instantly looks through documents, files, and waivers for the paperwork you need. It’s also programmable to send a gentle reminder to anyone who hasn’t submitted a form.

Coordinate Football Camps

Coordinating football camps is easy with etrak! From viewing available dates to assigning volunteers, our parks and recreation software handles a day or entire week in a matter of minutes. Players know when to arrive for camp, coaches and instructors have built-in breaks, and everyone can focus on proper tackling technique instead!

Accurate Financial Reporting

Resodding a football field or buying new jerseys takes money. etrak’s accurate financial reporting lets you know if these improvements are possible with this year’s budget. From ticket sales to registration fees, it’s all included. Reports are available in multiple formats and all data is exportable to many popular financial software programs.

Player Management

Need to shift starters for an upcoming game? No problem! etrak, a recreation management software, was built with busy football teams in mind! With a few clicks, you can create and modify rosters manually or based on pre-set criteria such as position or playing experience. Rosters can be shared with players and parents via email or etrak’s built-in website.


Your football team uses etrak around-the-clock to stay current on league news. That’s why our team is available to help you behind the scenes when issues arise.

Equipment & Inventory

There’s no more scrambling to find extra kicking tees with etrak’s inventory management capabilities. Equipment check-ins and check-outs can be done in person or online.


Show off your team’s successes on and off the gridiron with a built-in, user-friendly website! Plus, there’s no code to learn to add new game photos for fans to enjoy!


We'd love to show how etrak Recreation Software empowers your agency to better serve your customers and community. Please contact us to set up a custom demonstration of our complete parks and recreation management software solution, and you'll see why etrak is the right choice for your department.