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Lacrosse League Registration Software

Whenever your lacrosse season runs, you’d rather spend time on the field and helping players improve than worrying about paperwork and administration. etrak’s lacrosse rec track software streamlines registrations, payments, scheduling, and more to give you time to enjoy the sport you and others love. Cloud-based and user-friendly, etrak offers unlimited seat licenses so anyone in the organization can access information around-the-clock wherever they are. You’ll stay in the attack area when you use etrak for any lacrosse organization!

Easy Registration

Registration is a part of any lacrosse organization, but can quickly become the one administrative part that never seems to end. But when you use etrak’s lacrosse league registration software, you’ll be on a fast break in no time! Players, parents, and volunteers can register on their time and not worry about missing the lacrosse season.

Payments Simplified

Payments are integrated into registration, eliminating the time needed to track down missing player fees. Fully customizable, etrak’s recreation management software for lacrosse offers payment plans with automated payment reminders. Don’t worry about adding in sales tax or calculating a discount for members and residents — etrak takes care of it automatically!

Roster Assignments Your Way

For years, spreadsheets were the go-to way for managing rosters and player assignments. But that was before etrak simplified roster management for lacrosse leagues and teams. Our rec track software allows you to transition between rosters and find players you’re looking for in seconds. Whether you continue to manually create rosters or let etrak automate from start to finish is completely up to you!

Paperwork & Waivers Organized

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and papercuts. etrak’s recreation software for lacrosse is fully cloud-based. This means the filing cabinets are still there, but in theory only. Access forms and waivers anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection. Reminders can be set up for upcoming deadlines and sent out to players and parents for outstanding paperwork.

Live Support

The only face-off you’ll have to worry about is on the field, not when using etrak with our live support.

Accurate Financials

Registration fees and fundraisers can quickly bring in revenues to any lacrosse organization. As the monies come in, you want an accurate financial view to make the best decisions. etrak's league management software uses report formats that are easily exported to the financial software of your choice. Processing employee and instructor pay is built into etrak.

Develop & Grow Communications

Forget about leaving a voicemail for players one-by-one when a game or event time changes. etrak offers built-in email and text messaging to instantly communicate with everyone who needs to know. Split contact lists into specific segments, such as teams and volunteers, and watch communication improve and grow your lacrosse organization!

Seamless Camp Coordination

If you’ve held off on hosting a lacrosse camp due to the sheer amount of coordination one takes, etrak is the answer. Multi-function calendars display available dates and facilities then update to unavailable as camp planning progresses. Promptly send itinerary and schedules to coaches, players, and volunteers and enjoy a successful lacrosse camp this year and many to come!

Family & Individual Accounts

Lacrosse is a family sport for many people and that’s why etrak is the parks and recreation software depended on for account management. A centralized database, accounts can be set up for individual players or families, all with current security features. Parents are able to manage payments and view player statistics while you’re able to quickly access an account when needed.

Team Websites

Promote the success of your lacrosse organization through a club, league, or team website! Sharing photos and season stats with parents and fans is effortless with etrak.


We'd love to show how etrak Recreation Software empowers your agency to better serve your customers and community. Please contact us to set up a custom demonstration of our complete parks and recreation management software solution, and you'll see why etrak is the right choice for your department.