Our Mission


There's rarely downtime for parks and recreation organizations, especially in the office. With so many moving parts, you want a management software that's user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. etrak understands what you want in recreation software because we're supported by parks and recreation professionals.

Our flagship product, etrak-Plus, features convenient payment options and includes the use of every available (and applicable) parks and recreation management application your agency would ever want or need. No upgrade fees, no technical support fees, no modules to install, or special hardware to buy.

Our new etrak Products — etrak-Pro and etrak-Play — provide budget-friendly monthly subscription or usage fee options paired with robust functionality for recreation departments, sports leagues, activity centers and more.

Team Mission

Create, Grow, Sustain

Our mission is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with every customer. We strive for continual improvement by consistently meeting the ever-evolving needs of the parks and recreation industry.

Tech & Rec In One

etrak is developed and programmed by skilled IT/computer science professionals and our live U.S.-based support is provided by parks and recreation professionals who know etrak — and the parks and rec industry — inside and out. It's the ideal blend of tech and rec.


Since 1980, we've prided ourselves on enabling parks and recreation organizations to steamline operations and enhance the participant experience. With our live U.S.-based support and superior training, etrak clients get the best of tech and rec — and it's all included.



We'd love to show how etrak Recreation Software empowers your agency to better serve your customers and community. Please contact us to set up a custom demonstration of our complete parks and recreation management software solution, and you'll see why etrak is the right choice for your department.