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Softball Software

From a small tee-ball team to an established multi-team softball organization, it takes a lot of time and effort to effectively manage sports. etrak gives you back the time you’d otherwise spend on tracking down payments, forms, calling to schedule games, and more. Whether you rely on volunteers or paid coaches and instructors, with etrak’s rec track software for softball you’ll be in a league of your own! Contact us today for a free demonstration.

Convenient & Secure Registration

In-person registration is great for meeting softball players and teams, but it also means more staffing expenses for you. etrak’s softball league registration software lets everyone sign up online before, during, and after business hours. Our straightforward registration instantly alerts a user to a blank or missing field. It’s all about convenience, and that’s what etrak delivers.

Simplify Payments

Lost checks and trips to the bank are things of the past with etrak’s parks and recreation software for softball. Players and teams can make payments online as they register, which lets organizers adjust budgets and revenue projections on the go. etrak also lets you set up automated payment plans, apply coupon codes, and add offline check payments.

Streamline Roster Management

Leave your pencil sharpener and erasers in the drawer — create and manage softball team rosters in the 21st century way with etrak! Simply enter as identifiers and criteria as you’d like and let etrak generate a number of rosters. With a few clicks, your team’s tournament roster will be submitted long before the team reaches the dugout.

Scheduling Made Easy

Want to take a week off to recharge before playoffs begin? No problem! etrak’s automation makes programming breaks as easy as scheduling games and tournaments. Simply enter any exclusions, such as no weekend games, and watch the season unfold before you! Forget about outdated conference and league standings — etrak automatically updates standings after each game.

Track Documents & Paperwork

Oh, forms and waivers. Save time otherwise spent double-checking what forms have been submitted and what’s outstanding with etrak’s recreation software. View forms in real time and automatically send reminders to those who haven’t turned in their paperwork. By quickly processing required paperwork, you’ll have a bench of talent ready to play!

All-In-One Communication

Wouldn’t it be great if a softball league management software rolled emails, weather alerts, and deadline alerts into one user-friendly program? etrak takes care of that. Our built-in tools let you send emails to specific people or to everyone with one click. Last-minute game or field updates can be sent out with etrak’s SMS notifications feature.

Integrated Financial Reports

Instantly know the financial health of your softball team or league with etrak’s integrated financial reporting. All report formats export seamlessly into many different financial software programs. Our built-in time recorder eliminates the hassle of manual timesheets and quickly processes pay for coaches, instructors, and other employees.

User-Friendly Website

Make the same professional statement on and off the diamond with a user-friendly website for your softball team or league! Game photos, updated schedules and scores, and more are easily accessible for players, parents, and fans alike in one location. Grow your softball team and league with a robust yet easy-to-use website from etrak!

Coordinate Volunteers

Whether you have a team of regular volunteers or need a few extra hands for a softball tournament, etrak lets you assign and coordinate these designated hitters!


Don’t worry about downloading anything or constantly installing updates — etrak’s softball recreation management software is fully cloud-based for the convenience of our on-the-go users!


If you run into a technical hiccup when updating game stats late at night, etrak will be there with our live support!


We'd love to show how etrak Recreation Software empowers your agency to better serve your customers and community. Please contact us to set up a custom demonstration of our complete parks and recreation management software solution, and you'll see why etrak is the right choice for your department.